Police Charge Man Giving Tow for DUI
Clinton Township, Venango County – A Stoneboro man was charged with DUI after his truck was discovered trying to pull a car from a ditch in Venango County’s Clinton Township. In what sounds like the setup to a joke, a State Police Trooper came to check out the pickup on the side of Donaldson Road and found an obviously drunk man in the passenger seat while a one legged woman was blowing into an interlock device to attempt to start the vehicle and tow the car. Tracks in the snow showed that the man, who had two legs, had exited the driver’s seat and moved to the passenger side while the one-legged woman took the driver’s position. They quickly admitted that he had driven to the scene in his current condition.

Big Game Results
Glendale, AZ – Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs for their narrow Super Bowl victory against the Philadelphia Eagles last night. KC won by a single field goal after coming back from behind in the second half. The Chief’s Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes was awarded MVP of the game.
In the Puppy Bowl, team Fluff were the victors over team Ruff after going into rovertime. Fluff took an early lead, but by the end of four quarters Ruff had tied the game; a rovertime touchdown by a pitbull mix named Vivianne won the contest. The MVP of the game was a Pomeranian mix named Pickle who scored three times, including twice in the first quarter to give Ruff its early and insurmountable lead.

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