Missing: Michael Frank Maisner
Erie – The Pennsylvania State Police are searching for an Erie County man who was reported missing yesterday. 66-year-old Michael Frank Maisner of Summit Township was last seen by friends and family on March 27th and none of them are aware of his whereabouts. Maisner is a large white man, 6’2” with a heavy build, he has short gray hair, a mustache, and green eyes; police have not mentioned any identifying tattoos or scars. Michael drives a 2014 Cadillac XTS that is silver in color, but there is no information about his license plate number. If you believe you have seen Michael Frank Maisner or have an idea of his whereabouts please call Trooper Conroe of the Pennsylvania State Police in Erie at (814)898-1641.

Motorcycle Crash Kills Rider
Sandy Creek – A 76-year-old man was killed in a motorcycle accident in Sandycreek yesterday afternoon. Gail Colvin of Cranberry was wearing safety gear, but he suffered mortal injuries when he was ejected from his bike. According to police Mr. Colvin turned onto 15th Street from Mercer Road and directly into the path of a pickup truck which struck his rear tire.

Marriot Fined by PA
Harrisburg – Marriott International Inc., which operates the hotel chain, has been fined $225,000 by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for failure to comply with a court order to remove hidden resort fees from its billing. In 2021 the Marriott hotel chain was fined and ordered to remove or disclose their hidden fees by March of this year.

Joint Wage Theft Task Force
Philadelphia – Pennsylvania and New Jersey are teaming up to create an interstate task force to combat wage theft and worker misclassification. Governors Josh Shapiro (PA) and Phil Murphy (NJ) held a joint press conference to announce the task force which they hope will become a model for other states to follow. Wage theft affects at least 259,000 employees in Pennsylvania; wage theft is when an employer pays less than the agreed compensation to employees either by reducing their hourly wages, taking money from tips, or charging fees for amenities and necessities to employees; another very common form of wage theft is not paying overtime wages. Wage Theft is a common problem in the hospitality industry.
Misclassification is when an employer lists an employee as a part-time worker or independent contractor while they work full-time for the company. Misclassification is a major issue in construction, but not limited to that industry alone.

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