Missing Person’s Remains Recovered
Poll – Authorities in Venango County recovered the remains of a missing Ohio man from a popular fly fishing spot near Polk.  The 71-year-old from Akron had been reported missing on the same day his body was found in about 6 feet of water and caught against broken concrete slabs near an area fisherman call the Trussel.  Investigators surmise that the man was fishing alone when he slipped into the creek and could not pull himself from the water; his death has been ruled accidental by the Venango County Coroner’s office. 

Minimum Wage Bill
Harrisburg – At its latest meeting Pennsylvania’s Labor and Industry Committee voted on a measure to increase the state’s minimum wage. HB 1500 passed purely by party lines, 12 to 9 with Democrats in favor, and seeks to raise the commonwealth’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2026. From then on the state would increase the wage according to yearly inflation and cost of living. The bill is expected to pass the House, but falter in the Senate. PA has not raised the wage in 14 years and has the lowest minimum wage in the Northeast United States; it has been linked by economists to increased poverty and population decline, particularly among residents younger than 30 years of age.

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