Election Day 2023
Today is Election Day across the United States, this year is what is known as an off year and most of the elections are municipal and countywide with only a few statewide decisions to be made for judgeships in the Supreme, Superior, and Commonwealth Courts.

In PA, the Commonwealth Court Election pits Democrat Matthew Wolf against Republican Megan Martin for one term of 10 years on the nine-person body.

Superior Court Elections have four candidates, two Democrats, and two Republicans each seeking one of two seats for a 10-year term on the body of 15; Democratic candidates are Jill Beck and Tanika Lane, and Republican candidates are Maria Batista and Harry Smail Junior. Two judges on the superior court are up for retention, President Judge Jack Panella, a Democrat who has been in the Superior Court for 20 years, and Judge Victor Stabile who was elected in 2013 as a Republican.

For the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Democrat Daniel McCaffery and Republican Carolyn Carluccio are in a contest for one term of 10 years on the highest court in the state.

Remember that when voting at a new location for the first time in PA you must provide identification. Valid identification at your polling place includes any photo ID issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania such as a Driver’s License or PennDOT ID or by the United States Government such as a US Passport or US Armed Forces ID. Student and Employee IDs issued by state-approved agencies are also valid. If you lack a photographic ID, certain documents that include your name and address such as the confirmation card issued by your County Voter Registration Office, a firearm permit, or a paycheck or bank statement can suffice. Learn more, and check your polling location at Vote.PA.gov.

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