Preteen Suspects Apprehended for School Burglary
Meadville – Two boys, 12 and 13 years of age were arrested after the burglary and vandalism of an elementary school in Meadville. On Friday night the two preteens allegedly entered Neason Hill Elementary School after hours on the night before an annual PTO fundraiser and threw eggs on the walls and floor of a stairwell inside the building. After the vandalism, police say they stole about a dozen gift cards and other items from gift baskets that were for the annual school raffle.  Both of them will be charged through the juvenile justice system.

PA Unemployment Holds Steady
Harrisburg – Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor and Industry released its preliminary findings for its October 2023 job report.  According to L&I Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate remained at the record low 3.4% set in September, with little change in the number of people getting new jobs or becoming unemployed; the unemployment rate was 4.4% last October. The Federal unemployment rate increased by 1/10 of a percentage point to 3.9% in October leaving Pennsylvania ½ a percentage point lower than the national average.

Man Hides Inside Stolen Car
Linesville – A woman was arrested for taking a Springboro man’s car without permission, police were notified of the crime by the victim while he was inside the car’s trunk. The victim, a 60-year-old man, reportedly jumped into the trunk of the ill-gotten car as the alleged thief was driving away and then called police from inside after the car stopped. Ashley Zazado of Linesville was arrested for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, theft from a motor vehicle, and criminal mischief as well as multiple summary charges.

Driver’s License Center Closings
Harrisburg – All of Pennsylvania’s Photo and Driver’s License Centers will be closed this Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving Holiday. While it will not be possible to get photos and take driving tests, virtually every other service provided by the centers can be done online, including forms, publications, and manuals, by visiting The website is capable of handling everything from scheduling exams to, ordering duplicates of licenses or ID cards, or even paying fees. There are no extra costs for using the online services.

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