One Killed, Two Injured in Crash
West Springfield – A fatal crash closed a portion of the westbound lane of Interstate 90 near mile marker 12 for about five hours last night while responders rescued survivors and crews picked up debris. According to crash scene investigators 69-year-old Jose Alicea Gomez was killed while attempting to help a stranded motorist by jump-starting their car when their own vehicle was clipped by a passing commercial vehicle, starting a chain reaction that killed Jose and injured the stranded driver. Responders say that the stranded driver, Darnella Robertson was also injured in the crash and that she was conscious, but disoriented. The truck driver was also injured too, Cedric Harris of Ontario Canada’s truck plunged down a ravine into Elk Creek and he had to be extracted, his vehicle is to be removed on Wednesday. Authorities are still investigating the crash to determine who, if anyone, was at fault.

Dog Pathogen Possibly Identified
Durham, New Hampshire – Pathologists believe that they have identified the unknown pathogen that has been sickening and sometimes killing dogs in several US states including Pennsylvania. Dr. David Needle of the University of New Hampshire reported the discovery of a new bacteria after examining 30 samples taken from animals and his laboratory is now searching for a cure or preventative. Further testing is being done to prove that the same bacteria is causing sickness in animals in Pennsylvania, as well as California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington. Symptoms of the sickness include coughing and sneezing, wheezing and difficulty breathing, nasal and eye discharge, dehydration, fever, lethargy, and loss of appetite.
Until a treatment has been identified it is recommended that pet families avoid exposing their four-legged family members to public spaces where they may contract the sickness. There are no documented cases of the sickness passing from dogs to humans and if you notice symptoms of respiratory issues with your dog, contact your veterinarian.

Man Fires Shots in Neighborhood
Cambridge Springs – A Mansfield, Ohio man has been charged with multiple crimes including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly firing a gun at a resident of Cambridge Springs. Court records say that Edward Oglesby Jr. has been in Crawford County Jail since mid-November on $40,000 bail. Police allege that Oglesby fired an undeclared number of shots from a handgun at a 49-year-old Cambridge Springs man about a week before Thanksgiving, but no other details about the crime have been released publically.

Doctor Accused of Arson, Hate Crimes
Eagleville – In State News, a doctor is being held in Montgomery County Correctional Facility on charges related to a possible anti-Semitic arson attack in Lower Marion Township. Police say that 35-year-old Dr. Amy Cohen attempted to burn down the home of the grandparents of a woman who was dating her ex-boyfriend at about 1:30 in the morning last Thursday. Before the attack, the victims and their family had been receiving threatening messages containing anti-Semitic language for about a week. Dr. Cohen had her bail set at $5 million cash over the weekend.

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