Woman Strips Clothes and Assaults State Troopers
Titusville – A 41-year-old woman has been charged with aggravated assault on two state police troopers, resisting arrest, and other crimes after they were called to her boyfriend’s house last week. Police say Laurie Vargusson of Titusville was hiding inside a closet when troopers arrived at her boyfriend’s home after he called about her destroying things in the house. Vargusson stripped off her clothing and ignored the officers as they tried to talk with her then took a shower, got dressed, and continued to ignore the police until they put her under arrest; once under arrest, she began to fight and resist, kicking both troopers several times before she was finally restrained in the cruiser.

Burham Sentenced to 25+ Years
Warren – Michael Burham, a man who abducted an elderly Warren County couple and then escaped from jail last year was sentenced in court on Friday. Burham pleaded guilty to a number of crimes related to both incidents in November; during Friday’s sentencing hearing he was handed down a maximum sentence by Judge Gregory Hammond of 25 to 50 years and some months for crimes ranging from kidnapping, to terroristic threats, to escaping from jail.  Burham will also be tried in New York for the murder of a Jamestown woman and some speculate his guilty plea in Pennsylvania was an attempt to avoid trial in that matter.
In mid-March of 2023, Michael Burham began his crime spree in New York State where he is accused of murdering his then girlfriend and mother of three children, Kayla Hodgins of Jamestown, by shooting her multiple times and also setting fire to another woman’s car. When he became the primary suspect for the crimes on March 22nd he fled to Warren County PA where he kidnapped an elderly couple and held them at gunpoint while he forced them to drive him to South Carolina; he was arrested two days later and extradited to Pennsylvania. On July 7th, Burham escaped from Warren County Jail by climbing up some exercise equipment and descending from the roof on a rope made of bed sheets and spent nine days hiding in the woods around the town of Warren before authorities captured him. In November Burham pleaded guilty to all the charges related to the kidnapping and the prison escape.

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