Couple on Probation Charged with Fraud and Drug Possession
Oil City – An Oil City couple has been arrested for charges of identity theft, device fraud, forgery, and more after OCPD and parole agents found ample documentation of their crimes at their home. Kody Wilkins and Kaitlyn O’Brien failed to respond to a visit from their parole officers so officers from the Police were dispatched to their residence on Friday to enter the home; inside they found Wilkins and O’Brien hiding; they say they also found numerous credit and debit cards in other people’s names, marijuana and methamphetamine, applications for more credit cards, and drug paraphernalia.  Both were arrested and are currently in Venango County Jail on $50,000 bonds.

Mark Rozzi Retires from Political Life
Reading – Democratic State Representative Mark Rozzi is leaving politics behind. Representative Rozzi, of the 126th district, announced on Wednesday that he was dropping out of the race for Auditor General and would not be seeking re-election in the PA General Assembly. Rozzi explained that he was suffering from severe depression and couldn’t handle the stress any longer. He endorsed his opponent Malcolm Kenyatta for Auditor General, and his ex-wife Jacklyn Rusnock for his seat on the Assembly.

Police Officer Charged with Rape and Burglary
Warren OH – In Ohio, an officer of the Warren Police Department has been arrested for rape and burglary. Michael Edwards Jr. faces two counts each of burglary and rape for incidents on January 14th and 19th and is being held in jail with bail set at $750,000. Warren Ohio’s Police Chief Eric Merkel said at a recent press conference that the 44-year-old was arrested on Saturday the 20th and that the alleged crimes happened while he was on duty; he also said the 18-year veteran’s employment was terminated on Monday. Edwards pleaded not guilty to all charges on Tuesday morning.

Bail Bondsmen Accused of Breaking Down Door
Titusville – A woman who lives on the outskirts of Titusville claims two bounty hunters broke into her home last Friday in search of a fugitive. The 46-year-old woman says that she had given keys to her home to the two bail bondsmen so they could search for their quarry and asked them not to make a forced entrance, but according to a report she filed with the police they forced their way into her home anyway. It is illegal for a bondsman to enter a home in search of a warrant without permission in Pennsylvania and police are investigating the incident as criminal trespass.

Police: Cousins Plotted to Kill Abusive Boyfriend
Strasburg – Two cousins in Lancaster County named Joy Cleveland and Ta’Jhon Veal have been charged with first-degree murder in the January 6th homicide of Cleveland’s boyfriend Elliot Corbin. Investigators say that Cleveland and Veal planned the crime through text messages that police were able to read thanks to a warrant for their phone records. Cleveland pleaded with her cousin to kill Corbin after her boyfriend allegedly choked her and threw her into a TV set and Veal later shot Corbin in the chest. Both suspects will have their first court appearance tomorrow.

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