School Bus Crash
Cochranton – There were no injuries when a school bus lost traction and crashed in Crawford County. The crash happened last Thursday, on Leap Day, February 29th during the morning freeze. Crash scene investigators say that the bus lost traction while climbing a snowy and ice-slicked hill on Townhall Road and backed into a guardrail. None of the six students aboard the bus suffered injuries and the driver was cleared of any fault for the crash.

NAACP Golf Club
Farrel – The Mercer County branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has announced its plans to open a cost-free youth golf club. Mercer NAACP has teamed up with several sponsors to cover the costs and local amateur and professional golfers have already signed on to mentor and chaperone children and teens who join the club. The golf club will be available for children of all ages from five to 17 who live in Mercer County and it comes with a year-long membership of the youth NAACP paid for by the program’s sponsors and community partners. The golf club will be named by the children who join it and registration should open this spring.

Military Truck Crash on I-79
Harmony – A man was injured when a military vehicle crashed in Butler County. Around 4 p.m. Saturday, a heavy transport truck collided with a guardrail on Interstate 79 near the town of Harmony and trapped the driver within the truck. The man was pinned beneath the vehicle’s dashboard and firefighters were able to extricate him from underneath it. The man, whose name was not revealed, was taken to a nearby hospital for the treatment of minor injuries.

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