Woman Scammed out of $20,000+
Cambridge Springs – A Cambridge Springs woman has been scammed out of more than $22,000 after being directed to purchase Bitcoin by someone posing as an official from the Federal Trade Commission.
The 67-year-old whose identity is being protected contacted the police to tell them about the theft. The actor or actors convinced the woman they were from the FTC and that she needed to send them money so that her accounts could be secured, she was told to purchase $22,540 worth of BitCoins, and when she provided receipts they took the entire lot. Federal Agencies like the FTC would never ask for your money or personal information.

Walmart Recalls Honey Roasted Cashews
Bentonville, AR – A recall has been issued on cashews sold in Walmart stores in 30 states including Pennsylvania, News York, and Ohio. The recall is for Great Value Honey Roasted Cashews with a use by date of July 8th, 2025; the use by dates are printed on the bottom of the plastic container.  The recall is because the cashews may contain contaminants from coconut and dairy products that are processed in the same packing plant and may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.  Please discard or return the product to the nearest Walmart location for a full refund.

DA Re-Files Sexual Assault Charges
Butler – Butler County District Attorney Richard Goldinger has re-filed sexual assault charges against a former member of the Butler School Board. Bill Halle was accused last year of sexual assault and other offenses when it was alleged he had had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a teenage girl who worked for him at his restaurant. In January this year, a judge dismissed the case against Halle for lack of sufficient evidence, but nearly two months later Goldinger has re-filed the same charges, claiming that he has found new evidence.

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