Deadly I-80 Crash
Emlenton – At least one person was killed in a multi-vehicle pile-up on the Emlenton Bridge in Clarion County shortly after midnight on Monday night. The crash involved around eight tractor-trailers and a few passenger vehicles as well; authorities closed 11 miles of the eastbound lane of I-80 between exits 42 and 53 for more than 9 hours while investigating and cleaning the scene of the crash. A press release from the Clarion State Police about the investigation into the crash listed the event as fatal but did not give any further details.

Student Brings Gun to School
Hermitage – Police officers in Hermitage are investigating how a 5th-grade student was able to bring a firearm into school on Monday. According to Superintendent Dan Bell, The police were called to investigate when some students told a bus driver they were shown a handgun by an 11-year-old while returning home on Monday afternoon. The Hermitage PD recovered a handgun as well as a magazine and ammunition, and Chief Adam Picciloro was quick to relate to the public that the student did not threaten anyone. As a 5th-grade student, they would be attending Ionta Elementary School.
Superintendent Dr. Dan Bell urged parents to have a conversation about weapons with their children and to keep them safely locked away, “Children make mistakes, their decision-making skills are developing and the incident that just occurred is very serious and has serious consequences for the child and the parent.”
He also reminded everyone of the Safe2Say Hotline where students can anonymously report dangerous situations by calling (1-844)SAF2SAY (1-844-723-2729), visiting, or using the mobile app.

Driver Slides into Swamp
Grove City – A driver in Mercer County had to climb through the sunroof of their car to avoid sinking into a marsh on Tuesday morning. At about 9 a.m. on Tuesday, a car traveling along North Liberty Road just outside of Grove City slid into a roadside marsh after hitting a slippery patch of ice. The vehicle sank up to its doors in the muck and the unidentified motorist was forced to climb through the sunroof of their car and call for a rescue. The Pennsylvania State Police and Pine Township Rescue Squad were able to pull the sedan out of the mud.

Family of Slain Teen Sues PSP
Philidelphia – The friends and family of Anthony Allegrini Jr., a teenager killed by the Pennsylvania State Police, have filed a lawsuit. Anthony Allegrini Jr. was watching a street race near Penn’s Landing in Philidelphia from his car when police came to break up the disturbance. He was shot once in the chest by a State Trooper while trying to drive away. and according to eyewitnesses was not given any medical care as he bled to death, begging for help, while troopers handcuffed the passengers of his vehicle. In the 9 months since the incident, PSP has not named the officer who did the shooting and claims that Allegrini hit two police officers with his car before he was shot. The plaintiffs seek a jury trial and a $50 million penalty against the PSP.

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