A Total Solar Eclipse
NWPA – Today is Eclipse Day; for the first time in 218 years, since 1806, our region will be in what is known as the path of totality, where it is possible to see the moon entirely block the sun for between three and six minutes, depending on how close you are to the center of the event. As the sun and moon both move west relative to the Earth the eclipse will seemingly travel in a northeasterly direction. The direct center of the eclipse with the best viewing will pass over Lake Erie, just off the shore of Cleveland, and several miles off of the shore of Erie, and will pass almost directly over Buffalo. The path of totality will encompass all of Crawford and Erie Counties and also portions of Mercer and Warren Counties in Pennsylvania, and all of Trumball and Ashtabula Counties in Ohio. 
The National Weather Service has predicted that cloud cover could be a problem for people viewing the eclipse in our region; heavy and low-lying clouds that roll in early this morning may struggle to leave the area in the afternoon. Clouds will eventually be replaced by lighter high-level clouds that will not block the view of the sky, but it may not be on time – the worst-case scenario could see our region with more than 70% cloud coverage when the moon blots out the sun. 

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