PA Primary Elections Underway
Today is Primary Election Day in Pennsylvania. Registered Republicans and Democrats will have the opportunity to pick candidates in several state and Federal elections today including the United States Senate and President of the United States. Democratic Presidential candidates include the incumbent President Joe Biden (listed as Joseph R Biden Jr) and Dean Benson Phillips; Republican Candidates are former President Donald John Trump and Nikki Haley.
First-time voters or voters with a new polling place will need to provide identification, the best identification is a Pennsylvania Driver’s License or photo ID card or a United States Passport; any ID issued by the federal government such as US Armed Forces ID as well as Student or Employee ID is also acceptable. If you lack photo identification some forms of ID do not require a photograph and a list can be found at the Pennsylvania Voter Services website at Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. We will report preliminary results tomorrow, but results cannot be certified until every eligible mail-in ballot is counted.

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