Homicide Charges Against Driver When Passengers Die
Sharpsville – Mercer County’s District Attorney, Peter Acker, says DUI and vehicular homicide charges will be levied against the driver who killed two men when he crashed into a utility pole last Sunday morning. Just after 4 a.m. on Sunday, according to the South Pymatuning Township Police, the driver of a vehicle whose name has not been released was drunk when he hit the utility pole, knocking out power for hundreds of people and ultimately causing the deaths of two other men. 29-year-old Brenton Tymchyshyn was declared dead at Sharon Regional Hospital barely an hour after the crash and 25-year-old David Helberg III was killed by injuries he sustained in the crash earlier this week.

PUC Announces Electricity Rate Changes
Harrisburg – Pennsylvania’s Public Utility Commission has published the rate changes for each electric company in the Commonwealth. On June 1st, power-generating electric companies will adjust their rates for non-shopping customers, those who simply use the default electric service in their area. Visit PUC.PA.gov to see their recent press release showing the new electric rates across the state.

Man Charged with 23 Crimes for Stalking Woman
Erie – Craig Dyne II of Erie has been charged with 23 crimes after violating a Protection from Abuse Order. Troopers from the Pennsylvania State Police say that on May 12th, the 43-year-old stalked a woman he had been ordered to stay away from in his car; when they got onto Peach Street they say he began ramming her vehicle from behind multiple times, chasing her and another woman in her vehicle until they made it to the parking lot of Wal-Mart where he hit them one more time before driving away. He was arrested Thursday on 10 counts of assault and reckless endangerment each, plus summary offenses.

Youngstown Explosion Investigation
Youngstown, OH – The investigation into an explosion that happened in Youngstown on Tuesday has already turned up some leads, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. On Thursday, investigators from the NTSB and Ohio Fire Marshal announced that their investigation is focusing on an inactive but still pressurized natural gas line in the Realty Building’s basement that workmen may have cut on accident. The explosion on Tuesday afternoon killed 27-year-old Akil Drake and injured seven others; a woman who was believed to be missing was found to be away from the area during the explosion.

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